Q&A with Ali Haider - the future of immigration & regional mobility

We met with Ali Haider, Manager, Middle East & North Africa at Fragomen Worldwide to discuss common immigration issues encountered by companies in the region and the future of regional mobility

Ali Haider - Fragomen

1. What are the most two most common immigration issues that your clients face when mobilising resources?

Quota/ Nationalisation constraints and lead time issues, often stemming from document legalisation times, are the most commonly faced issues that our clients face. Of course, the MENA region is a complex and rapidly evolving region and a multitude of factors need to be considered.

2. Where do you see the region in the next 10 years from a technological advancement perspective?

Technology is certainly a top priority item across the region. In the future, exclusively electronic border entry points (e-gates), more advance electronic platforms for processing and visas, and AI are all fair game.

3. Where do you see the region in the next 10 years from a legislation perspective?

The region continues to evolve its immigration law and align it with the needs of modern businesses. In the future, we anticipate more robust legislature (and new visa/permit categories) for shorter-term engagements, remote working, and intra-company transfers to be introduced.

4. From your perspective do you see the region opening up further to the migrant workforce or will there be a focus on the national workforce and their contribution within the employment field?

I think that the region will equally focus on retaining top expat talent for the long-term through the introduction of permanent residence permits and in parallel focus on the national workforce by promoting a rewards scheme for companies that hire locals rather than expat new hires.

5. What, in your opinion, is the biggest point of contention between regional mobility and immigration teams and operational teams tasked with service delivery?

Understanding the full immigration structure from: corporate document readiness, legal entity type formation, ongoing compliance and regional travel mobility.

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