Alok Potluri

I personally believe that CIPD Experience Assessment is the most time effective and economical route to achieve a professional recognition and qualification in the market today.

Alok Potluri

HR Business Partner, Al-Futtaim Motors, Al-Futtaim Group

Case study

What made you decide to undertake the Experience Assessment route to CIPD membership?

I have been an Associate Member of CIPD for a while and in 2014 I decided to upgrade my membership to raise my profile and to improve my career propsects with my employer. Due to my full time work I was struggling to dedicate time and resources to go back to studying for CIPD Advanced-level Diploma which was a traditional way to Chartered status. I approached CIPD counsellor in November 2014 and was advised that there was alternative route to Chartered status provided I demonstrated that I meet Chartered criteria by providing work-based evidence from the last three years. I personally believe that CIPD experience assessment is the most time effective and economical route to achieve a professional recognition and qualification in the market today.

Is there anything about the Experience Assessment process that you particularly liked or found particularly challenging?

I felt that Experience Assessment was a great tool to benchmark myself to the current HR professional standards and behaviours. I quite liked the fact that my past and current work experience and achievements were taken into consideration during the assessment. The entire approach helped me reflect on my past work experience and achievements but at the same time gave me a perspective on the future. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire assessment process. Although each stage in the entire process is centred around strict deadlines, I was able to progress at my own pace fitting my busy work schedule. What I like most and found challenging was that the case study followed by a professional discussion with an assessor. Soon after my assessment not only did I receive my result as per timeline but also a detailed feedback report from my assessor on our discussion which I found particularly useful.

What would you say are the benefits of undertaking Experience Assessment?

I would recommend Experience Assessment as a route to achieving higher professional status to all experienced HR colleagues. In comparison to the traditional way of getting qualified through studying and writing exams, Experience Assessment helps in understanding application of HR best practises and processes in your day- day work. I found this process particularly helpful in relating HR theories to real-time applications within my role and organisation. As HR professionals we don’t sometimes spend enough time reflecting on our work and this assessment route helps us in reviewing our past and present efforts. What better way to achieve a higher recognition from professional HR body than getting your experience assessed.

What has been the impact for you of successfully completing your Experience Assessment?

Upon successful completion of my Experience Assessment not only have I achieved an elite Chartered status but also raised my profile within my orgnitsations HR community. Soon after the completion I was given an opportunity to move within my organisation into a HR Business Partner role. Not only has this process helped my career development but also raised my confidence as a HR professional in recommending and implementing best HR practises for my organisation.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about undertaking Experience Assessment?

I have found Experience Assessment to be very challenging and exciting at the same time. Although experience assessment is considered to be time effective it still needs considerable amount of time and serious dedication to be successful. It is very important to plan your time as 8 weeks go really fast. The case study is a crucial part of the assessment where you get an opportunity to showcase your HR knowledge and skills hence would recommend that sufficient time is dedicated aside to complete it. There is no right or wrong way to approach the case study, what matters most is your practical approach and implementation of HR solutions in a complex organisational context. Last but not least please spend significant time in reviewing your Experience Assessment submission before your professional discussion as the conversation would be around the same.

Would you recommend the Experience Assessment process to a colleague or friend?

Yes, I would recommend Experience Assessment to all experienced HR professionals. I personally feel that on job experience assessment is more valuable than any class room based learning and assessments available. To summarise Experience Assessment is an exciting and informative way of achieving your HR professional goals.

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