Course description

4 Day Short course

This 4-day comprehensive programme provides a unique opportunity to analyse the concept of employee engagement and explore its contribution as a route to strategic, reputational and competitive excellence within a high-performance working environment. You’ll develop the skills to design and undertake analysis of engagement in an organisation, plus create action plans and implement employee engagement programmes.

Dates and location

  • This course can be delivered in-house

Key learning objectives

By completing the course, participants will be able to gain practical strategies and solutions to:

  • Analyse the concept of employee engagement, both intrinsically and also as an instrument for facilitating high-level business purposes
  • Explore the critical contribution of employee engagement as a route to strategic, reputational and competitive excellence within a high performance working environment
  • Design and undertake an analysis of the relationships, causal or correlational, between levels of employee engagement and organisational performance, measured by both process efficiency and corporate outcomes
  • Create justified, cost effective and strategically defensible action plans for promoting engagement within their own organisation and elsewhere
  • Evaluate levels of employee engagement within organisations, functions and business units and recommend and implement programmes designed to achieve remedial changes or embed levels of engagement already accomplished.

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