Course overview

This 2-day course is ideal if you are looking to develop and implement a coaching strategy in your organisation.

Gain the skills and knowledge to develop a coaching strategy that is successful, sustainable, and aligned to organisational objectives. From defining coaching need and readiness in your organisation, to developing a strategy and analysing outcomes, this course will help you create coaching initiatives that work.

A coaching strategy will help you grow and nurture your talent to become greater assets for your business. Plus, you’ll create a more engaged and motivated workforce that are actively engaged in the learning process. CIPD research shows that although coaching is now seen as a routine aspect of management and learning and development, there’s still a lack of understanding about how best to use coaching, and in which situations it will be most effective.

This course will help you assess your team or organisation’s need for coaching, develop a coaching strategy, and cultivate a coaching culture that creates opportunities for people to grow through coaching initiatives. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge to analyse success as a result of coaching and use this to achieve ongoing high performance.

Key learning outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Identify the need for coaching within your organisation and be aware of existing resources and development gaps
  • Assess readiness for coaching and levels of coachability
  • Develop a coaching strategy that considers organisational culture
  • Implement a clear framework for coaching strategy
  • Reference coaching resources that align to your organisation
  • Plan for the formal development of internal coaching skills
  • Enable coaches to operate at a senior level
  • Create a sense of community and group coaching.

Dates and location

  • This course is tailored and delivered in-house

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