The CIPD is here to inspire, enable and support you to be the best you can be throughout your HR or L&D career.​

Five steps to enhance your career

Step 1: Develop yourself against the industry standards

The knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate will change as your career and the profession itself continue to evolve. The CIPD Profession Map will show you exactly what is expected of you at every stage of your career, helping you save time and focus on the right areas for development.

Whether you’re a generalist or specialist in HR or L&D, your level of seniority and responsibilities can map to one of the four bands of competencies and show you how to improve or progress to the next level.

For a personalised report with tailored development options, access My CPD Map now, or learn more about continuing professional development (CPD).

Step 2: Love learning - how to keep up to date and relevant

Keeping your skills and knowledge up to date and relevant is essential to succeeding in the fast-changing world of HR and L&D, and it’s easier than you think. The trick is to do a little and often, and give yourself credit for learning activities you possibly do without thinking.

Which of the following activities are you already doing or will start today?

Work-based learning

  • Receive coaching from a colleague: make the most of the knowledge and talent from within your own organisation.
  • Work shadow or job rotate: get an insight into someone else's role.
  • Internal training: pick-up new skills and knowledge tailored to your organisations needs.

Self-directed learning

  • Read the HR weekly bulletin
  • Read our the latest industry research, reports, books, journals and articles in our Knowledge hub.
  • Conduct your own internet research.

Social learning

  • Debate current issues and share knowledge with the CIPD community forum.
  • L&D professionals: get the latest industry trends, techniques and skills content in a bite-sized format. Join the Future of Learning Hub.
  • Attend one of our many CIPD events.
  • Join in or set-up your own specialist group.

Step 3: Advance your career with qualifications

It’s never been easier to study. Find a course that fits around your busy lifestyle. Study from the comfort of your home, face-to-face, or a mixture of the two.

Step 4: Volunteer

As well as making a positive difference to the lives of others, volunteering will help you develop skills that will contribute to your continuing professional development and your own career journey.

Step 5: Add the mark of professionalism to your CV

Become a member of the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development and raise your professional profile with your current and future employers.