Perspectives on HR leadership

The role of HR is no longer limited to isolated administration activities like payroll processing. HR is now recognised as an instrumental business partner, with growing representation at Board level in organisations. In this section, we survey HR leaders across the GCC to identify the key characteristics HR professionals need to succeed.

Research on purposeful leadership

Exploring the concept of purposeful leadership, this research draws on findings from surveys, interviews and focus groups to identify links between purposeful leadership, ethical leadership behaviours and various employee and organisational outcomes. Our research also investigates how organisations can nurture an environment where leaders can be purposeful.


Purposeful leadership

This report conceptualises a construct of purposeful leadership and investigates the impact it has on various employee and organisational outcomes

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Perspectives on leadership

The theories and models of leadership have changed over time – and continue to change with time, with context and with each theorist or subject-matter expert. There is no one overarching theory or model of leadership. There is no one agreed definition of leadership. There is also no agreed set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that leaders need to perform effectively. As a result, the answer to the simple question ‘What is leadership?’ is almost impossible to capture.

New directions in academic theory and research on leadership have focused upon three main areas of emerging leadership theory and research, namely:

  1. relational leadership (focusing on the relationship between the leader and their direct report and wider team)
  2. values-based leadership (focusing on the characteristics of the leaders and their sense of self, self-awareness and ethics system)
  3. contextual leadership (focusing on the importance of the environment and system within which the leader operates).

Below we signpost a range of reports available.


Inclusive leadership

Research, commissioned by the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei), looks at how organisations understand inclusive leadership

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Barriers to leadership

In this programme of research we explore the systemic barriers to leadership under four groups of challenges to leadership which are present in some organisations today.


Barriers to leadership

Does your organisation have the leaders it needs? Experts from CIPD, BBC and Xerox discuss the barrier to leadership and how HR can overcome them.

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Trustworthy leadership

The first two reports, produced in a collaboration with the University of Bath, examine the HR systems and processes in organisations that cultivate trustworthy leaders and how followers experience trustworthy senior leaders within some of the UK’s major corporations and institutions. The third gives insight from senior leaders on how they have maintained trust and resilience during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.


What do you do with broken trust?

Episode 186: As scandals and failed leadership continue to make daily headlines, it is little wonder that trust in organisations may be at an all-time low. Is this something that can be fixed, especially if there have been mistakes?

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Leadership and management fundamentals

Leadership is the ability to influence people by demonstrating positive personal attributes and behaviours. Different leadership styles and qualities may be needed in different circumstances. Here you’ll find information and guidance on leadership styles and skills, effective leaders, transformational leadership, and leading teams and effective management.


Management development

Introduces management development, focusing on how to identify development needs and the techniques involved in developing managers

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