We know that before we can effect real change, we need to start at the centre. We also know that it will take strong leadership to end racism in workplaces and in society and we are committed to diversity and inclusion being an integral part of our strategy driven by the CEO and accountable to our Board.

We have summarised our action plan and commitments below and we will update members and the profession as the plan progresses.


We want zero pay gaps and pay equality at all levels and roles within the CIPD and greater representation of black and minority ethnic employees in more senior roles.

We commit to:

  • Establishing a full picture on ethnicity within the CIPD including pay differentials
  • Addressing progression, retention and succession planning
  • Reviewing our recruitment practices to ensure we continually improve
  • Working closely with suppliers and partners to ensure these practices are evident in those we work with as they are an extension of our workforce.

Organisation and culture

We commit to:

  • Listening to our colleagues and learning from the lived experience of our black and ethnic minority colleagues, building on the great work our Employee Relations Group has started
  • Continuing to develop learning and networking opportunities and ensuring we focus on the wellbeing of our black and ethnic minority colleagues addressing both work and personal experiences
  • Using internal and external expertise to look at everything we do as an organisation including how we operate and our outputs to ensure we are truly inclusive.

Membership and the profession

We commit to:

  • Openness on the diversity of membership and profession using the data we have and encouraging more openness in sharing ethnicity data across our membership
  • Looking at programs to promote diversity in the profession, including progression
  • A shared commitment and collaboration with the senior profession and other HR networks to develop shared insights, practical examples and programs of action
  • Actively look for opportunities to make the CIPD qualifications more accessible.

Our external voice

We commit to:

  • Driving policy reform calling on Government to make policy changes and take forward previous recommendations to ensure organisations address the issue of bias and racism, and to give our profession voice
  • Providing support for organisations to act by developing resources to create tangible change and to challenge organisations to think differently on race at work
  • Reviewing all our learning and teaching on addressing the causes of racism and how we confront them, building on and highlighting existing content for members and the profession.

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