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This research, produced in partnership with PA Consulting, surveys and reviews the impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in UK workplaces and the investment decisions that employers make.

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AI and automation are sweeping through the world of work. Whether it’s checking the quality on the production lines or walking customers through their option for switching a current account, the technology is gathering pace by the day.

This research takes an objective view of the impacts of AI and automation in UK workplaces and the investment decisions that employers make. Overall, the findings show that AI and automation are radically shaping work and jobs, making jobs more skilled and interesting and creating better, more fulfilling jobs for employees.

There are positive opportunities in AI and automation, although these cannot be taken for granted. Despite the significant impact these technologies are having on the workforce, the people profession is often the least likely business function to be involved in decision-making and implementation for these new technologies. We’re therefore calling for HR and people strategies to be at the heart of integrating AI and automation in the world of work.

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