Jointly developed by mental health charity Mind and the CIPD, this guide contains information, practical advice and conversation checklists for managers to better support those experiencing stress and mental health issues.

The guide addresses all aspects of employment, from recruitment, managing mental health at work, to supporting return to work after a period of absence. It will help managers facilitate conversations and put in place support so employees can stay well and in work – meaning better performance and improved retention of talent and expertise. The guide also sets out the practical steps that employers can take to create a mentally healthy workplace.

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Who is this guide for?

Employers come in all shapes and sizes, with varying working practices and environments. This guide is designed to support anyone involved in managing people, from line managers in large organisations to owner-managers of small firms.

While the contexts will differ, the checklists, practical templates and broad principles will be useful across the board and easily adaptable for different organisations and situations.

Download the guide: