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    Purposeful leadership

    This report conceptualises a construct of purposeful leadership and investigates the impact it has on various employee and organisational outcomes.

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    Valuing your Talent

    Get the latest thinking in human capital management, measurement and reporting.

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    Inclusive leadership

    Read an executive summary of a report, commissioned by enei, looking at how organisations understand inclusive leadership.

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    Developing managers for engagement and well-being

    Phase 2 of the research by Affinity Health at Work, builds on previous research about what affects the success of developing managers to support employee engagement and well-being.

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    Employee financial well-being

    Financial well-being not only affects individual workers but it also affects business performance, as this report helps to illustrate. The report is accompanied by practical guidance and behavioural insights.

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    HR professionalism: what do we stand for?

    This research underpins our Profession for the Future strategy and explores the work identities of HR professionals and the implications for principled decision-making.

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    Workforce insights: a Middle East perspective

    The report outlines the top workforce strategic priorities and influences on workforce strategy in the Middle East, looking at investment in the workforce, women in the workplace, employee health and well-being, flexible working and the impact of tec…

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    In search of the best available evidence

    We set out reasons why evidence-based practice is so important, the principles that underpin it, how it can be followed and how challenges in doing so can be overcome.

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    Creating longer, more fulfilling working lives

    Discover what employers are doing to support older workers in the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany and the UK with this investigative report from the CIPD.

  • Guides

    How to write a critical review

    Our guide on what it means to think critically when assessing a piece of writing for a student assignment or a workplace project

  • Surveys

    Future of learning: a changing perspective for L&D leaders

    Produced by Towards Maturity and supported by the CIPD, this report presents evidence for leaders in learning and development on changing approaches to workplace learning so they can consider the skills they need in future

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    The Future of talent in Singapore

    This report explores what’s understood as ‘talent’ in Singapore, and what drivers will shape the context of ‘talent’ in the next 15 years.

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    Moving the health and well-being agenda forward

    A collection of 14 thought pieces in which experts reflect on the business case for well-being, turning theory into practice, measuring employee well-being and the need to focus on good mental health in the workplace.

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    Growing the health and well-being agenda

    We look at the business case for growing the health and well-being agenda, and the role of the HR profession in driving this agenda forward.