Date: 14/04/2020 | Duration: 00:26:46

Coping with the switch to working day-after-day from home is a new challenge. Not only do employees have to adapt to constantly shifting priorities but, with juggling responsibilities, resilience is put to the test. Presented by performance coach and award-winning radio show host Anna Roberts, this podcast provides strategies to help build resilience, manage anxiety and enhance productivity in these challenging times.

  • Resilience: What is it, and how can you build it?
  • Understand limiting beliefs and overcome them
  • Learn how fear comes into play at work and what you can do about it
  • Access easy-to-implement strategies on how to gain clarity on goals and remain accountable
  • Develop a different mindset is essential to making a long-lasting change
  • Leverage this time to create the Best Version of Yourself at and outside of work through a practical framework you can use for you and your teams