There are a huge number of benefits to supporting parents back into the workplace, and into flexible jobs. It’s easy to see why returners might be keen to get back into work, but employers also stand to gain a great deal from recruiting them:

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Access a wider talent pool

Employers will get access to a group of people with valuable experience and expertise that they might otherwise miss out on.

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Overcome skills shortages

With many employers and sectors struggling to recruit people with specific skills or the capacity to develop them quickly, returner campaigns can offer an effective solution.

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Support inclusion and diversity at all levels

Help increase the number of experienced women across an organisation, supporting gender and age diversity, and creating role models for those coming up behind. This also includes fathers who want, or have to, combine work and family commitments.

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Tackle the gender pay gap

The increased presence of women in senior roles is an important factor in closing the gender pay gap.

Enhance internal and external reputation

Being seen to encourage and support returners sends a clear message to your own employees and the market that you are a supportive employer. This will, in turn, help recruitment and retention.