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Whether it’s to shift your strategic focus, deliver cultural change, develop agility to meet future challenges or do more with less, our experts will set you on the right track.

We use our recognised HR standards, development solutions, CIPD membership and qualifications to help organisations like yours sustain business advantage and high performance. 

Capability assessments  

The CIPD Assessment solutions are designed to benchmark teams against the industry standards for people professionals, and underpinned by the standards in the CIPD Profession Map. These solutions can be fully customised to meet specific organisation needs and can be delivered through Online 360 feedback, professional discussions, written case studies and phone interviews

Our approach is highly developmental, and each individual receives a feedback report and one-to-one feedback session. We can also provide team reports to show you the aggregated results for your HR teams which can inform the development of your HR function as a whole, and work with you to identify how you can build that capability in the most effective way.  

CIPD Assessments also allow employers to identify skill gaps and take necessary steps to meet capability requirements, such as accrediting their people professionals with CIPD membership (including Chartered status) and provide broader insights about leadership, development and effectiveness of their people function.

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We can help you with:

  • an evaluation of your HR and L&D strategy, methods and impact on the organisation
  • an assessment of your HR and L&D strengths and capability gaps, including those of your leadership team, compared to recognised standards
  • effective personal development plans and career assessments
  • data insights to help you to build a business case for investment

Why work with the CIPD? 

We’re the only professional body in the world that can award Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow grade to individual people professionals. We set the professional standard and provide the expertise to drive the people profession forward.

Our clients

We work with large employers in the Middle East, Europe and Asia-Pacific to define, build and support their people strategies.

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