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Achieving CIPD Chartered membership is a significant career milestone. It brings the designation Chartered MCIPD and access to one of the biggest online collections of HR and L&D resources, as well as support from a community of more than 150,000 members globally, including 4,500 in the Middle East. 

Your investment demonstrates that your team:

  • has met rigorous standards for good practice
  • adheres to our code of professional conduct and continues its professional development
  • is committed to delivering a quality service that supports your organisation’s strategy and people.

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Benefits of CIPD membership 

The CIPD is the only HR and L&D professional body that can award Chartered status to individual HR and L&D professionals. Chartered Membership benchmarks capability and experience against CIPD standards and builds credibility with colleagues and clients.

  • Stay up to date and informed – Access the CIPD’s expert research, surveys and policy reports, plus practical employment law information, factsheets and guides.
  • Stay connected – Widen your network and learn from other HR and L&D professionals at the many CIPD events organised in the UK, Ireland and internationally.
  • Stay one step ahead – The CIPD Career hub is an online gateway to a host of information, tools and advice exclusively for CIPD members, supporting HR and L&D professionals at every stage of their career. 
  • Stand out – Use the internationally recognised designation ‘Chartered MCIPD’ to demonstrate your credibility and professionalism

Membership options

There’s a CIPD membership option to suit everyone in your team.

  • Chartered Membership and Chartered Fellowship for your most experienced and senior team members.
  • Associate membership for anyone who has completed a CIPD qualification, or has a few years’ experience.
  • Affiliate membership for anyone who wants access to resources and research, a way to stay up to date, to connect and to continue their professional development.
  • If you choose the qualification route, your team members will become CIPD Associate members, and may be eligible to upgrade to Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow on completion.

Routes to membership

CIPD courses and qualifications are recognised worldwide as demonstrating a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism in Human Resources (HR) and Learning and Development (L&D). 

CIPD qualifications are available at Level 3 Foundation, Level 5 Intermediate and Level 7 Advanced, and you can study awards, Certificates and Diplomas at each of these levels. Most CIPD qualifications provide a pathway to becoming a CIPD professional member, at Associate (Assoc CIPD) level. The Advanced Level Diploma, PDS (or university equivalent) provides the underpinning knowledge to apply to become recognised as a Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow.  

CIPD qualifications are derived from our Profession Map which sets out how HR adds the greatest sustained value to the organisation it operates in, now and in the future. It describes the highest standards of professional competence to deliver sustained performance for the organisation. 

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Experience Assessment is a direct route to CIPD membership. It doesn’t require sitting an exam or a qualification in HR to be eligible and it is designed for professionals at all levels. Instead, professionals provide written examples of their work experience from the last five years to showcase how they meet the membership standards. This is followed by a Professional Discussion with a CIPD Assessor to talk through their knowledge and experience in more detail.  

It benchmarks the performance of HR and L&D practitioners against the CIPD Profession Map and recognises their achievements with CIPD professional membership.  

Unlike other approaches, individuals are required to demonstrate their effectiveness as HR or L&D practitioners by showcasing the impact they've had on their organisation. They'll be asked to explain not only what they do, but how they do it.  

Group Experience Assessment is easily incorporated into your HR capability strategies. Many of our clients include it within their tailored development programmes. Upon completion your organisation will receive an Organisational Insights Report, which includes:  

  • Benchmarking data against the CIPD Profession Map
  • Key trends 
  • Strengths and areas for development within the team 
  • Options to help further your team's HR capability.  

Get in touch to find out more about the Experience Assessment for your team  

Please note that the Group Experience Assessment is only valid for 6 people or more. For a group of 5 people or less, please visit this page to learn about the individual Experience Assessment.  

If members of your team are already in CIPD membership, we can help you ensure that their membership levels reflect the level of HR knowledge, responsibility and impact they’ve reached in their careers.

There’s no need to upgrade through each membership level, i.e. Associate Member to Chartered Member to Chartered Fellow. Professionals apply for the level of membership that is most relevant to them. 

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Stay up-to-date with the fast-changing world of HR and L&D 

Open to all, Affiliate membership is a non-professional level of membership. It’s ideal if you want immediate access to CIPD's resources to help your HR function straight away. It also gives access to all our exclusive member benefits to support your team's professional development.  

Affiliate membership will provide your team with:  

  • Access to the latest international HR and business news, in-depth research and insight, and online business journals via EBSCO and reports. 
  • Access to professional development tools. Mmy CPD Map shows you what you need to know and do at every stage of your career to represent the standards for the profession. Plus, CIPD members have exclusive access to our online assessment tool.  
  • Network at local CIPD events, CIPD members also receive discounts on attending all our regional events and conferences through local partners.  
  • Discounts on CIPD products and services, online subscription titles, conference titles, publications and toolkits.  

Find out more about Affiliate membership and Professional membership.   

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